Project Definition
General Information
CurrencyChoose a currency
DivisorFor better presentation of results you can choose a divisor. Choose 1 for small projects (kWp) or 1000 for large projects (MWp)
Useful life (years)Time after which the installation is considered worthless
Nominal power (kWp)Total nominal power of the installation in kWp
Annual Yield per kWp (kWh/kWp)Average annual yield per kWp
Degradation (%/year)The yield will be decreased by this percentage every year
Feed in tariffs
YearsDuration of the feed-in-tariff
Price (per kWh)Feed in tariff in /kWh
Index linkedFiT linked to an inflation index?
Own consumption
FIT subsidy (/kWh)Feed-in-tariff subsidy for own consumption in /kWh
Own consumption (kWh/year)Expected own consumption (kWh/Year)
Electricity price projection
Price now (per kWh)Energy price now, used for estimating future energy prices
Energy Price Inflation (%/year)Used for estimating future energy prices
Setup cost (all in)
Price (per kWp)Setup cost of the installation (fixed cost) in /kWp
Running cost
Lease (/year)If a lease is to be paid enter this here, annual costs in
Insurance prem. (%)Annual insurance premium as a percentage of the initial value of the installation
Maintenance (%)Annual maintenance cost as a percentage of the initial value of the installation
Inflation rate (%/year)Inflation rate is used to predict future costs
Own funds (%)Own funds provided as a fraction (in %) of the setup cost
Loan typeSimple: Simple loan, no redemption.
Annuity: Works like a mortgage
Redeemable: Redemptions possible at specified times
Redemption Sched.This option only applies to loan type "redeemable"
Uniform: Redemptions are chosen such that a uniform dividend can be paid.
Maximum: Redemptions are maximized so that the loan is paid back quickest.
YearsFinancing term
Interest rate (%)Interest rate applicable for the loan type
Disagio (%)Disagio in percent, i.e. a 3% disagio means a 97% loan
Investment Yield (%)Applicable for loan type "simple". Determines which return assumes to be achieved when building the reserve
Tax rateTax rate applicable to taxable income (equals income before redemption less depreciation)


Project Summary:
Nominal power (kWp)5
Purchase value (EUR)11000
Own Funds (EUR)2750
Loan amount (EUR)8505
Present value of net income1 (EUR)5004
Levelised energy cost (/kWh)0.173
Loan typeRedeemable
Amortisation time (y)15.2
Dividend (EUR)134.5
Dividend (%)4.9
IRR before tax (%)7.3
Eff. tax rate (%)0.0
IRR (%)7.3
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Graph 1: Income allocation (EUR)
Graph breakdown

Cash Flows (EUR)
Energy produced (kWh)5000497549504925490048754850482548004775475047254700467546504625460045754550452545004475445044254400
Gross income93793292892391891490990490089589088588187687186786285785384814631498153515721610
Remain. debt816678197465710367336354596855725167475243283893344829922524204515531049531-000000
Income bef. tax313413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413412991332136513991433
Taxable income000000000091930415264768910211612991332136513991433
Net inc. after tax13413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413413412991332136513991433
Income cumul.134269403538672807941107612101345147916141748188320172151228624202555268939895321668580849517
% amortized4.38.813.618.623.829.335.141.147.554.161.168.476.184.192.5101.3110.6120.2130.4141.0157.7175.4193.9213.4233.9
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1 Present value of net incomePresent value of cash flows, i.e. the sum of discounted net income. The reserve investment yield ist used for discounting.
2 EBPEarnings before provisions
3 Income bef. taxNet income before tax

Graph 2: Net income (EUR)
Graph cash flows

Graph 3: Breakdown of gross income (EUR)
Graph breakdown

  1. Year Denotes the end of period.
  2. Income achieved in this period.
  3. Lease: for land.
  4. Insurance for equipment.
  5. Maintenance for equipment.
  6. Interest payable for loan.
  7. EBP: Earnings before provisions,
  8. Reserve: The amount put aside each year, re-invested.
  9. Cumul. Reserve: Cumulative reserve from re-investing the yearly allocation to reserves.
  10. Net Income after deducting all expenses. No tax included!

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